Become a Chef

Earn money doing what you love. It's as simple as that. When you sign up for MealBrowse, not only do you get to cook what you love - your customers will come back for seconds. Cooking meals earns you cold, hard cash for simply doing what you love. And the best part? It's free to sign up.

Whether you're into pasta or cooking lavish, exotic plates, we've got a spot for you. Get started today to learn more and earn.

How it Works

Create Pricing Plans

You'll be able to choose how many meals in each plan and how much they cost.

Choose Your Menu Schedules

Rotate your available options for fresh, new, exciting foods every week.

Offer Pickup or Delivery

Your customers can choose to receive your food on their own terms.

Benefits of Cooking for MealBrowse

Personal Chef Page

Provides your pricing plans, chef experience, and pictures of your meals and business.

Menu Management

Allows simple setup for meals, menus, and dietary filters and restrictions.

Smart Calendar

Makes menu scheduling and order pickup times easier and more efficient.

Easy Direct Deposit Setup

Easily connect your bank account and accept deposit payments through Stripe. Track everything in one place.

No Fee to Join

Our team will guide you to upload your menus at no cost. Get free access to video tutorials, tips, and more.

We Make Money When
You Make Money

We take a 10% marketing fee of every transaction, including credit card processing fees.

Get Paid
On Every Order

Direct deposits are sent out daily on a two-day rolling period after every order that is accepted.

Let's Get Started

Join the subscription marketplace that connects people with local catering and prepared meal services.